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About the Tools You Use and the Toys That Make Life Interesting

Tools Toys and Technology - About the Tools You Use and the Toys That Make Life Interesting

We Need a Little Help from Our Friends!

We’re starting to help the second generation of SaddleBrooke homesteaders. Back in 1993, we were teaching basic skills while we were just getting started ourselves; computers were in 25% of homes and the Internet was new and expensive.  What began as casual discussions around a single borrowed computer has become one of the largest clubs in SaddleBrooke with a well-equipped computer classroom offering over a hundred classes each year.

Most of today’s new retirees learned some computer skills at work or along with their children at home. Although Baby Boomers comprise 25% of the population, they account for over 40% of the dollars expended on consumer electronics. We are fielding increasing requests for information about using all these new gadgets at a time when we are understaffed. We have just a dozen dedicated individuals teaching classes this year, down from a high of twenty.

If you know enough to help your family or friends when they have problems with their new electronic purchases or find them asking you for advice when they have problems, you’re just the person we need. No formal training in computer science or education is required! Many of our instructors started as hobbyists or simply have a single area of special interest or expertise.

If you are willing to share what you know, we can find a place for you. Assisting in the classroom is one easy way to start; we get frequent requests for individual help. We currently teach classes for PC, Mac and iPad users. We are exploring new ways to share information such as on-line learning, informational blogs, forming special interest groups and discussion groups. Our wish list includes facilitators for group activities, a videographer and a video editor for our new eLearning program.

Other immediate needs are people with skills in photo editing, photo book creation, using social networking sites, Android devices and apps, email services, Quicken and Microsoft Publisher. We also need someone willing replace our longstanding webmaster.

If you are interested in discussing any of these opportunities or have your own new ideas to propose, we need to talk. If you are unable to help, perhaps you can pass the word to a friend or neighbor who might be interested. Please contact me directly at or 520-818-3184. Alternatively, please see the Contact Us page on our website at to find contact information for other members of our team.

Dennis Korger, President, SaddleBrooke Computer Club

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. –Confucius

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