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Big Names and Big Bucks Vying to Buy Hulu

Oh my gosh!

What happens when companies with names like Google, Yahoo, Amazon and Dish Network all start competing to buy the same company?

The numbers get VERY BIG … VERY FAST!

It is reported that these same companies are competing to purchase the streaming TV company Hulu. Most of the bids for Hulu are coming in the range of 1.5 to 2 billion dollars. But Google has promised to do whatever it takes to snatch up Hulu and its content license agreements.

It’s not even clear that Hulu will sell. But the figures being tossed its way have to make them sit up and take notice … and SMILE … a LOT!

Amazon Adds 3,000 New Titles to Prime Instant Video

Amazon announced today that it was adding 3,000 new titles to its Prime Instant Video collection, bringing the total size of the Prime library to 17,000 titles. Members of Amazon Prime can stream an unlimited number of programs from this library at no additional charge beyond their annual Prime subscription rate.

Quoting from the Amazon Website:

We’ve struck a deal with Discovery Networks to bring some of the highest quality, non-fiction, informative and entertaining content about the world to our Amazon Prime customers. Rolling out over the next few weeks are TV shows from Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, and Science.


Appel iPad 3 Debuts

The much anticipated iPad3 was introduced today. Except Appel is not calling it the iPad3. In fact, it’s not clear what they are calling it. They’re just referring to it as the “new iPad.”

Regardless of what they are calling it, it does have some upgrades. The most obvious one is a higher resolution screen, a so-called “retina” display. I’m sure it will be an eye-popper.

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