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Use 10 Minute Mail for Spam Control

Did you ever want to sign up for a promotion that required you to submit your email to get the free offer? You know what happens then. You will start to get spam from the promoter, or even worse, your email address will be put on a list that is used by lots of companies to promote offers you have no interest in at all. And your email spam load starts to grow.

To avoid this, you can just give them a fake email address, right? Wrong. Frequently you will first get a confirmation email that requires you to respond or click to confirm that the email address you provided is really you. Even more frequently, access to the free offer is sent to you by email. If you sign up with a fake email address, you never get the offer.

But the offer is too good to pass up. What do you do?

The answer is 10 Minute Mail. When you go to the 10 minute mail Website  (, you receive a temporary, throw-away email address that will last for 10 minutes. You can add another 10 minutes, if necessary. This should give you enough time to sign up for the promotion, receive an email confirmation link and get the offer, whatever it is. But after the allocated time, the email address will self-destruct and is no longer functional. YOU will receive no further communication from the promoter or spam from other people who might share the email list.

Tech Shortcuts You Should Know… but Probably Don’t

  • So, you know you can page down a Web page by just pressing the space bar, right? Go ahead, try it now. Hold down shift and hit the space bar to page back up.
  • A special tip for SaddleBrookers… Text too small on a Web page? Just press CTRL + as many times as you need to make the text readable. To make it smaller … you guessed it … CTRL –
  • Need to look up the spelling or the definition of a word? Go to Google and type: define anyword

These tips (and many more) all came from a TED talk by David Pogue. Watch 10 tech tips on TED now.


By the way, if you’re not familiar with TED, it’s one of my favorite places on the Web. TED features short talks of almost every genre: educational, humor, technology, business, politics, you name it. Check out TED here.

Windows 7 Tips: Make It Easier to Read the Screen

Have you ever had to squint or put your nose up to the screen to read text? Of course, you can reduce the screen resolution to enlarge everything on the screen. But it’s a shame to have to sacrifice resolution to be able to read the screen.

I just ran across a couple of Control Panel configurations that can make it easier to read text while keeping the high resolution capabilities of your screen. Continue reading