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Search Shenanigans

Internet searching has grown from a modest free service to an extremely profitable industry. Designated as the very first web search engine, W3Catalog started in late 1993 and retired in 1996. It was a simple collection of indexes copied from a few dozen web sites. By comparison, Google Search currently performs 100 billion searches each month (88% of all searches done) on over 30 trillion web pages written in 123 languages. This dominance was the leading factor providing Google more than $66,000,000,000 in revenues last year – over 95% of said revenues are from search and web page advertising.

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ABC Opens Its Eyes: Streaming is the Future

ABC News is the latest channel addition the the Roku lineup of channels. This is more evidence that the major networks are recognizing that the future of TV is in streaming.

On-demand content available on this new channel includes top stories of the day, this week in history, technology, lifestyle, weather, and segments from popular shows like Good Morning America and Nightline. Some local news affiliates have also signed on, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Houston, Fresno, and Raleigh.

Sling TV Update: New Channels

Last month, I reported on the new live streaming TV service from Dish called Sling TV. Since that report, a number of major channels have been added, including the History Channel, A&E, H2, and Lifetime. This brings the total number of channels in their basic programming lineup to 20. Yes, this is still small, but Sling TV is clearly on its way to becoming a serious challenger to live TV as we have known it. And, at $20 per month with no contract, it’s an attractive addition to the online lineup for cord-cutters, those who have already or are considering cancelling the traditional and expensive cable or satellite TV service.

Witness, they acquired 100,000 subscribers in their first month of operation. That’s still a small number of TV overall watchers, but if they keep adding channels at the rate they have, they will also be acquiring a lot more subscribers. I may become one of them. I’m watching this development closely.

Want to give it a try. They’ll give you 7 days for free. Go to for more information.