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Nikon’s New Android Coolpix Camera Announced

The Smartphone Sans the Phone – It Had to Happen

I have joked for a long time that the phone part of a smartphone is just a “phone app” for a camera.

Well, the joke has become reality. But the phone app has been left out.

Nikon has announced its new Android-powered Coolpix S800c point-and-shoot camera. In addition to taking those snapshots, you can now upload pictures directly from your camera to Facebook, etc. There is no phone capability, so you have to have a Wi-Fi connection to upload your photos.

When you’re not using your camera to take pictures, you can download apps from Google Play to your camera (again over Wi-Fi only). So now you can play Angry Birds on your camera.

What’s Behind This Move?

Point-and-shoot camera sales have been slumping badly, as the cameras on smartphones become better and better. People are now using their phones to do what they would have one time done on a small, point-and-shoot camera.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. So Nikon’s solution is to put the same photo-uploading, game-playing capability into the hands of  point-and-shoot camera users … all the capability of a smartphone … except the smartphone itself.

You are bound to see more of this. Will this save the consumer point-and-shoot camera market? Personally, I doubt it. But it’s an interesting strategy.

The S800c should hit the stores in September and sell for $350.

Securing Your Passwords

Copyright © 2012 Richard Beaty

Last month, Yahoo became the latest big time victim to be hacked, resulting in 450,000 email addresses WITH PASSWORDS being pilfered and PUBLISHED. Do you have a Yahoo email address? If so, yours may be one of the ones that has been compromised? If you’ve been around the Internet very long, chances are you’ve known someone whose email address has been stolen, possibly even your own.

Email addresses are bad enough, but there are worse things that you can have hacked: like your online banking or credit card account, for instance; or maybe your Amazon or Ebay account, where you have payment preferences saved; or any number of other Websites containing sensitive, personal information.

So, how do the bad guys get access to your online accounts and what can you do to stop it?

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