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Too Much of Anything…

We all anticipated that technology would make our lives easier. Computers are modern marvels that have increased the pace and productivity of work, but the human body is not designed to be sedentary. Prolonged hours of sitting and working in front of a computer screen can increase eye strain, stiffness in joints and muscles, indigestion and weight gain. Older computer users are even more susceptible to computer associated difficulties.

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Does Sling TV Spell Doom for Traditional Satellite and Cable Services?

Last month, Dish Network pre-announced a service it calls “Sling TV.” Sling TV is essentially a live streaming alternative to traditional, expensive satellite and cable servies, but … it’s in its infancy and programming is severely limited. But as the service expands, this could fill the gap between live TV as we’ve known it and streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and others.

Sling TV is a $20 per month subscription with no contract. That’s right … NO CONTRACT. You can cancel at any time. Compare that to your current cable or satellite bill that may be upwards of $100 per month and locks you into their service for a year or two.

Sling TV currently offers only about 15 channels, including ESPN, ESPN 2, Disney Channel, TBS, TNT, and Food Network, with AMC coming soon. There are also some add-on packages for kids, sports and news channels for $5 per month. This is still a long shot from becoming a head-to-head equivalent to traditional satellite and cable programming. But it’s a start, and it may be pointing the way to the future.

While it may not be a full live TV substitute yet, Sling TV puts one more nail in the coffin of TV as we have known it. When Sling TV or someone else offers a full complement of live streaming programming,  the paid TV service landscape will be forever changed.

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