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IE Still Struggling for “Love”


Let me be clear. I like Microsoft products, at least for the most part. So I don’t run around routinely dissing Microsoft. I even like Windows 8 … kind of. But I do have problems with Internet Explorer.

The Microsoft Internet Explorer browser has had a long and tainted past. It’s improved (I guess), but it still has its problems. It is still pretty dysfunctional when it comes to accepted HTML 5 functionality.

I teach a class on WordPress, for instance, and during one class things just weren’t working the way they should. I just couldn’t work it out. Then I tried Google’s Chrome browser and low and behold, everything just worked.

Microsoft is working on their IE image with the following ad, which clearly recognizes they have an image problem that they are trying to correct. Now if they’d spend as much effort fixing the browser as to do trying to fix their image, they might have something.

TTT Anniversary Issue

Copyright © 2012 Richard Beaty

Boy, this year has gone fast for me. The first issue of TTT appeared in the January 2011 issue of Two’s News. That makes this the anniversary issue.

I just re-read the first issue and took note of this comment I made:

I’m not totally sure where we’re headed with this series, but things are happening so fast in this area, that I’m sure we’ll have no problem coming up with topics that will interest you.

I hope the “interest you” part of that statement was true. The “things happening so fast” and “have no problem coming up with topics” parts were definitely true.

Looking back, we started off January 2012 discussing Streaming TV, covering in a four-part series everything from hardware and equipment to sources of programming. Then came a discussion of tablets, the introduction of Microsoft Surface, password security, and the “cloud.” Finally, the release of the long anticipated (or dreaded, depending on your point of view) release of Windows 8 topped off the year.

In every case, there have been additional developments in the areas we covered, so it seems appropriate on this 1-year anniversary to revisit the issues and bring you up to date.

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