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Tools Toys and Technology - About the Tools You Use and the Toys That Make Life Interesting

Our Homegrown Computer Club

This column started in response to a request from the editor of the SaddleBag Notes addressed to the computer club. The first column appeared in September of 2009 when Windows 7 was just a twinkle in Bill Gates’ eye and the Android phone was celebrating its first birthday. While our usual topic focuses on computers and other electronic devices, we sometimes talk about the SaddleBrooke Computer Club.


We started as an informal discussion group sharing coffee and conversation in the RoadRunner Grill in 1993. Five years later, the group incorporated as a nonprofit organization with the primary purpose of teaching classes on the uses of computers to SaddleBrooke residents. We are now one of the largest clubs in SaddleBrooke – and one of the smallest. Over 3400 residents are or have been members, and up to 400 members participate in the 120 or more classes we typically offer each year. Yet our instructor group is far smaller; in past years we have had as many as 19 instructors but fielded just 12 last year. Supplemented by seven assistants and volunteers, these people comprise the heart and soul of our community service organization.

About half of our current instructors have been teaching for over 10 years and are hoping to share or reduce their current workload. In August, we said our last goodbyes to Francis Adams who is relocating to be closer to family and a new grandchild. Francis joined our growing effort in 1997. He has taught multiple topics and has been our Photoshop guru, our webmaster, a board member, an integral part of our new eLearning effort, a past president and a good friend for nearly 20 years. We’ll need to find about five people just to fill his shoes.

In short, just like most of the other 138 SaddleBrooke sanctioned organizations, we need more volunteers. If you are an experienced webmaster, your skills are at the top of our current wish list. We encourage new ideas and fresh approaches. Nervous about facing a room full of people in a traditional classroom? We have a number of alternatives to consider. If you have enough computer skills and experience to help your family and friends, we can probably find things for you to do. We get frequent requests for individual help or tutoring that we cannot always fulfill. We always need classroom assistants, and would like to begin small discussion groups on computer related topics such as getting started with social media services, finding useful apps in the Apple, Windows or Google Play or exploring just about any tech related special interest topic.

If you are interested in discussing our available opportunities or have your own new ideas to propose, please contact me at or 520-818-3184. Or contact any of our board members or instructors if you prefer; see the Contact Us” page at We’d love to hear from you!