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About the Tools You Use and the Toys That Make Life Interesting

Tools Toys and Technology - About the Tools You Use and the Toys That Make Life Interesting

A Little Help From Our Friends

The SaddleBrooke Computer Club started in 1993 as a result of 3 men sharing conversation and coffee in the RoadRunner Grill. Occasional meetings became weekly; these eventually became weekly presentations with a single borrowed computer in space shared with the sewing club. We incorporated as a non-profit group in 1998 for the express purpose of teaching computer classes. That single borrowed computer evolved into a well-equipped computer laboratory with 30 computers. We now offer over a hundred classes for PCs, Macs, iPhones and iPads each year. More than 3400 current residents have become members and attended our classes. Over the 23 years since inception we have served an entire generation of active retirees.


Each year we take a careful look back before we again step forward into the future. New retirees in the 90s (the Silent Generation) grew up when television ownership was just becoming commonplace; computers were a new and puzzling technology. Home computers were in 25% of households and only 1/3 of these had internet access, usually via telephone modem. This group was primarily interested in understanding and finding uses for the emerging technology – topics we cover regularly.

On the other hand, Baby Boomers became adults when computers were on the horizon. At least one family member learned modern technology after their formal education was completed, often in a job related activity. Boomers are as likely as younger adults to own computers, surf the internet daily, own mobile phones, DVRs and GPS systems. Representing about 25% of the population, boomers account for 40% of the dollars spent on consumer electronics. The notion that baby boomers just aren’t into technology seems to be a myth. These folks have become familiar with computers and are interested in learning about new gadgets, new software and new ways to use all kinds of technology.

Our instructor’s group now numbers just 12 dedicated individuals, down from a high of 20 only a few years ago. We need a little help! We’re looking for people who are familiar with some aspect of computing or software who are willing to share what they know with their friends and neighbors. Formal training in education or computer science is not a requirement.

Particular needs are helping members interested in learning photo editing, photo book creation, using social networking sites, Android devices and apps, email services, Quicken and Microsoft Publisher. We also need someone willing to eventually replace our longstanding webmaster.

We are beginning to explore new ways to share information such as on-line learning, informational blogs, forming special interest groups and discussion groups. Our wish list also includes a videographer and video editor for our new eLearning program.

If you are interested in discussing our available opportunities or have your own new ideas to propose, please contact me at or 520-818-3184.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. –Confucius