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Amazon Prime Bundles New Premium Channels


Amazon Prime just made two premium additions to their streaming TV bundle: Starz and Showtime. Amazon Prime started out to be just an expedited 2-day shipping option for a fixed price (now $99 a year). Then they began to add other services and benefits, including free streaming of a wide collection of movies and TV shows at no additional charge. Now they are offering optional streaming channels that has removed one of the last major objections to “cutting the cord” and ditching your traditional expensive cable or satellite TV service.


Starz is a premium movie channel that is an optional add-on to cable and satellite services. Now, for $9 a month you can add it to your Amazon Prime offerings.

The well-known Showtime channel, also a premium add-on to traditional TV services, can be added to Amazon Prime for $9 per month, $3 LESS than it’s normal $12 standalone subscription fee.

Other lesser known a la carte options are now available from Amazon. One of these is a favorite of mine, CuriosityStream, which I reported on in an earlier post. See the complete list of Amazon add-on channels here. Free trials are available for all of them, including Starz and Showtime.

While some of these channels are already available for streaming on their own, making them available as part of your Amazon Prime bundle removes one of the major obstacles to abandoning traditional cable/satellite services … having to switch between streaming apps to find what you want to watch. As Amazon continues to partner with more and more popular channels, it can become the primary source for traditional TV. It also allows viewers to pick and choose the channels they pay for, rather than being forced into a package of mostly junk TV just to get the channels they really want.




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