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Automatic Android App Updates

How to Disable Automatic Updates of Android Apps

By default, most apps you install on your Android device are set to update automatically. There are a whole slew of Google apps that you may not even use, but they were default apps that cam installed on your phone. If you are set to update apps automatically (again, the default), periodically these things start to download and install. If this is going on when I try to do something on my phone, the operation slows to a crawl or even becomes completely unresponsive.

After some poking around, I found how to change the settings so automatic updates don’t happen. I can now choose the updates I want and when I want them to occur.

Depending on your version of Android, some of the details provided here may be somewhat different on your device. Hopefully there will be enough similarly that you will find this useful.

First, go to your apps area and launch the Google Play app (the Google app store). Then go to Settings by tapping the menu button on your device or the 3 dots in the upper left corner. Then select Settings from the sub-menu.

From here, you’ll see an item labeled Auto-update apps. There are 3 choices:

  1. Do note auto-update apps
  2. Auto-update apps at any time. Data charges may apply. [NOTE: THIS CAN BE COSTLY IF YOU HAVE A LIMITED DATA QUOTA. DO NOT SELECT THIS OPTION]
  3. Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only

To disable auto-updates, select the first option.

IMPORTANT: On the Setting screen you’ll see an item labeled Notifications. Leave Notifications checked. By doing so, you’ll get a notification when updates to apps are available. You can then go ahead and allow updating of apps that are important to you and ignore all the junk apps that you don’t use anyway. You can also decide WHEN you want to update, thereby eliminating diminished phone response while your trying to do other things.

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