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Tablet PC = Streaming TV Receiver

I’ve talked about a number of streaming TV receivers in the past: Roku (my favorite by far), smart TVs (with streaming built-in), game consoles, Blu-ray players.

But there is another one that I’ve neglected to mention. It’s obvious, really, but I just never thought of it before.

If you have a Tablet PC, you have a streaming TV receiver

When I refer to “tablet PC” I’m speaking in the generic sense. I¬†include¬†every tablet I know of, whether it’s Android, iPad, Windows RT or Windows 8. They all have apps for Netflix, Hulu Plus and other streaming TV sources. If you have one of these devices, then all you need to enjoy streaming programs on your living room big screen is an HDMI adapter for your tablet. Then connect your tablet to an HDMI input for your TV, and there you have it. You can watch anything that Netflix or any other streaming app offers in all its 60-inch widescreen glory.

How does this differ from connecting a laptop to your TV?

I have discussed connecting a laptop to a TV before. Connecting your tablet to your TV via HDMI is just a special case of connecting any computer to your TV. Hardware-wise that’s true. But programming-wise, it may not be. You may have some streaming sources available to you as tablet apps that will not function on a computer.

It’s also a little neater from a footprint sense to sit a tablet by your TV, as opposed to a laptop or, heaven forbid, a desktop.

What do you need?

HDMI adapter for Galaxy Tab 2

Well, first you need your favorite tablet. Then you need a means of connecting it to HDMI.

I bought an adapter for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1; and I know iPad has one. There are so many tablet options these days, you’ll have to check your specific manufacturer. But, probably most if not all current tablets have some kind of HDMI capability.

So, chalk up one more application for these marvelously versatile devices.

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