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KeePass – Great Product – Some NASTY Download Sites

Let me be clear about this. I love KeePass, a free password management tool that gets great reviews, and with good reason. I started using it a few months ago, and I now rely on it more than ever. I’ll be reviewing it soon, but I wanted to get this posted without delay, because you must…

Be Careful Where You Download It

Now for the warning. There are some review articles that reference download sites that, as far as I’m concerned, deliver malware along with the KeePass program. In fact I have in the past referenced one of them as a valid download site. But some time between when I last downloaded from there and now, things changed. They now dump a lot of other things on you when you think you’re getting only KeePass. In fact, both AVG and Malware Bytes identifies a Trojan in the download. I’m not going to identify the bogus download site here, as I don’t want to refer anybody to it.

Here’s the ONLY Place to Download KeePass

The official Website for KeePass Password Safe is That’s the only place you should go to get it. If you get it from anywhere else, it could come with a surprise inside.

I say again. I love KeePass. The problem is not with KeePass. The problem is with disreputable download sites.

Freeware Best Practices

Generally speaking, you should go only to the official Website to download any product, especially freeware. They’re less likely to pawn off extra stuff on you.

And also generally speaking, only download software that you are sure what it is and what you are getting. “Free software” is frequently a carrot offered to get you to download malware. Used cautiously, it’s a great resource. But it can also jump up and bite you if you’re not careful.