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Apple’s “Mapplegate” Debacle

In what the media has dubbed “Mapplegate,” the much anticipated introduction of Apple’s iOS 6 and iPhone 5 has met with a little — shall we say — snag.

Last summer, Apple made a big thing about the fact that they were dumping Google Maps in their iOS devices in favor of their own map app. The reported reason… the Google Maps app in iOS devices was of inferior quality. Well, Apples own map app is out, and … TALK ABOUT INFERIOR QUALITY. OH MY GOSH! One has to wonder if anybody in Apple ever tested this.

Has the Eiffel Tower really fallen over?

Aside from the fact that:

  • Some of the directions it provides are inaccurate
  • Well-known landmarks are in the wrong place
  • it’s images of certain places are totally whacked…

Yes, aside form that, it’s not bad.

The iPhone 5 was Apple’s first big product introduction since the Steve Jobs era. Oh, my! I can only imagine what he would be saying now.

Yesterday, Apple’s current CEO Tim Cook issued an apology for the disaster. He recommended that in the interim  while Apple works on a fix, customers should use one of their competitor’s apps, like Google Maps. The competition is fierce between Apple and Google, so this has to irk Apple to the core (no pun intended), and you can be sure Google is Giggling (pun intended) around the water cooler and in the board rooms.

One of the things that makes this news is the fact that Apple traditionally seems so perfect. So when something this visible goes so terribly wrong, it’s like a realization that, yes, Apple is actually made up of fallible human beings.

But this really isn’t the first time. Remember the iPhone 4S antenna problem? And there have been other similar things. But Apple always seems to rebound high, and its loyal customers forget quickly. So this won’t be doing any permanent damage to the company. But it does make for an interesting anecdote.

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